Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will HumiFlow Last?

We recommend every 2-3 months replace with a new packet, but if your items are cured properly and are around 63% RH already, we have seen stable air tight containers after 6 months with the same packet and still showing 63% with a smooth smoke and nice flavor.

Can I resale HumiFlow online ?

No.  There is no 3rd party sellers of HumiFlow online.  We are the only seller online (Amazon, eBay etc). Our attorney will notify Amazon and eBay and have the account taken down.  For quality control of HumiFlow, Customer protection, and Brand Protection

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

We use SSL, and 3rd party PCI compliant payment processing API’s

Who is HumiFlow?

Our small company (Chemist, Quality Assurance, and Sales & Packaging team) loves feedback. Our goal is to build the best product possible and we take feedback seriously.  We believe in our product and we use our product. Since quality and customer service is our number 1 goal. We know our product has a positive impact on our customer’s quality of life and enjoyment. This is our driving factor for the highest quality possible.

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